Lockdown Key Switch

The Fase lockdown key switch alarm gives the ability to sound alarms and to secure doors and areas of a building against a potential threat and offers a line of defence against an intruder or other persons with malicious intent.


Designed to be connected to a building fire alarm system our Lockdown Keyswitch can trigger the fire alarm system in 'Lockdown' mode and be programmed to produce a unique tone throughout the building to give notice to staff. A signal can then be sent to the buildings access control system and doors secured throughout the building*.


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Lockdown Key Switch

The Easy Way To Raise Invacuation / Lockdown Alarms In Your Building

What Is Lockdown?

Premises management have the responsibility to consider the safety of users, staff and pupils in their buildings.


Some buildings have unique situations due to their location, particular usage, inherent value or social importance. This has led to management considering risks that users may be exposed to immediately outside their building.


For example, a local chemical release incident may require the users of a nearby building(s) that could be affected by the pollution (or explosion) to remain inside with windows and doors closed. Similarly, a school may receive a report of a dangerous animal in the vicinity and may consider keeping children inside the school at break-times until it is safe for them to use the grounds.


The need to stay in or return to a building for safety is known as an invacuation. As with evacuations, there are several degrees of invacuation. The most demanding is to immediately lock down the area preventing circulation movement within, egress from or access to the building (to frustrate attackers gaining entry).



For evacuation purposes, see our Bomb Alert Key Switch.

How Does The Lockdown Key Switch Work?

The Lockdown Key Switch should be connected directly to an addressable fire alarm system. Initiating a lockdown key switch will send a signal to the fire alarm control panel telling it to enter 'Lock Down' mode. Once in this mode, the fire alarm can be programmed to sound a unique tone throughout the building.


If required, a signal can then be sent from the fire alarm to an access control system and all doors secured until the lockdown system is reset.


For further information, click HERE to download the official FIA invacuation guidance note.


*You should speak with your fire alarm company to ensure that your fire alarm system is capable of providing the unique tones and outputs required for the bomb alert. Under no circumstance should the lockdown alarm be set to a tone that could be mistaken for the fire alarms evacuation tone.

Bomb Alert Key Switch

The Easy & Reliable Way To Raise Lockdown Alarms In Your Building

Raise lockdown alarms with a simple key switch to ensure the lockdown alarms are only ever operated by an authorised person.

Data sheet

Enclosure Size
Enclosure Colour
Legend Colour
White Background with Dark Grey Print
Base Material
Material Type
UL Rating
Operating Temperature
0°C to +40°C
IP Rating
Supply Voltage
Output Technology
24v Mechanical Relay For Connection To F.A.P
Internal Buzzer
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Specific References


Lockdown Guidance

FIA Lockdown Guidance Note

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