Bomb Alert Key Switch

The Fase Bomb Alert Key switch offers easy and reliable activation of a bomb alert indication throughout a building.


The bomb alert key switch includes intelligent self-monitoring and continuous status indication via the front-mounted RGB L.E.D and provides continuous or pulsed lockdown alert throughout the building to notify staff, pupils and building occupants of incidents within the building.


The Fase Bomb Alert key switch can be initiated by the front-mounted key switch or by remote input and is designed to connect directly to the building's fire alarm system, saving the need to install additional circuits or indicating equipment making the Fase Bomb Alert key switch truly good value for money.


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Bomb Alert Key Switch

The Easy Way To Raise Bomb Alert Alarms In Your Building

Bomb Alert Key Switch

The Easy & Reliable Way To Raise Bomb Alert Alarms In Your Building

Bomb Alert alarms indicate to staff, pupils and other building occupants that there is an incident within the building and that emergency procedures should be initiated.


Although we call these 'Bomb Alert Alarms', this is a generic name and is terminology for an alarm that is raised to quickly and calmly evacuate people from within a building or to report to a muster point.

Intelligent Bomb Alert Controller

The Fase Bomb Alert key switch includes a microprocessor to continuously monitor the health and status of the controller. A front-mounted RGB L.E.D and built-in buzzer give visual & audible indication of the current status of the controller.


If any parameters fall outside the normal operating conditions of the controller then audible and visual indications will be given to ensure the bomb alert key switch is always ready for operation.

Maintenance Free
Fire Alarm Bomb Alert

For Connection To An Addressable Fire Alarm Panel

The Fase Controls Bomb Alert Key Switch contains a single, front-mounted key switch and an output relay. Turning a key switch will energise the output relay. The output relay is then connected to an addressable fire alarm and the fire alarm system programmed to produce unique tones on receipt of this signal.


The front-mounted RGB led mounted directly above the key switch gives continuous indication of the status of the associated output relay.


To use all of the Emergency Key Switches features, the fire alarm system to which this be being connected to must be able to generate the necessary tones.

Programmable Pulsed Or Continuous Output

Trigger the Bomb Alert alarm by either turning the key on the front of the unit or by either closing an onboard input or applying 24v from a remote source.


Once triggered, the output can be programmed to switch on continuously or to pulse until the input is removed. Each on/off pulse can be individually set via onboard Dip switches up to 15 seconds each.

Bomb Alert Key Switch



Data sheet

Enclosure Size
Enclosure Colour
Legend Colour
White Background with Dark Grey Print
Base Material
Material Type
UL Rating
Operating Temperature
0°C to +40°C
IP Rating
Supply Voltage
Output Technology
24v Mechanical Relay For Connection To F.A.P
Internal Buzzer
R.G.B Led
Storage Temperature

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