• 12v Security System Relay
  • High Quality 12v Relay

FASE/12/1/Relay 12v Security System Relay Module


The Fase Controls range of relay modules are engineered to deliver high-performance features, superb reliability, and unbeatable quality.


The Fase/12/1/Relay is a high quality, 12vdc general purpose relay module ideal for a wide variety of applications such as security systems, gate control, access control, system interfacing or for use with other 12vdc control equipment.


The Fase/12/1/Relay is a single-pole, double throw relay module that includes suppression and polarisation diodes. It is equipped with a bright LED that illuminates when the relay is active. The onboard relay provides a clean contact switching output, offering COM (Common), N/O (Normally Open), and N/C (Normally Closed) output contacts, with the capacity to switch up to 5 amps of both AC and DC at a maximum of 250v and 30v respectively.


Also available as a 24v Fire Alarm Relay or download the Fase/12/1 Datasheet.

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UKCA & CE Certified


High Quality 12vdc Security Systems Relay Module.

Our range of fire alarm and security system handy relay modules have been engineered using high quality components and design principles to produce relay modules of the highest quality. The FASE/12/1/Relay includes a 12v relay coil and a 5amp clean contact output relay and is suitable for switching up to 30vdc and 240vdc inductive and resistive loads.

All our handy relays are supplied in robust, anti-static bags to withstand storage in an engineer's van or toolbag, ensuring the relay module remains in pristine condition when required.


For use with security systems, door control, automated gates, access control systems and 12v system interfacing or for other 12v equipment where a quality, engineer friendly 12v relay is required.

  • 12vdc Coil
  • For Use With Security Systems, Gate & Access Control Systems Etc
  • Single Pole, COM, NO & N/C Clean Contacts
  • Switch Up To 5Amp @ 30vdc or 230vac
  • High Quality Design, Construction & Components
  • Surface Mounted Active L.E.D
  • Polarised & Suppressed
  • CE & UKCA Compliant 7.62mm Pitch Output Terminals
  • In & Out Supply Line Terminals
  • Low Operating Current
  • Ambient Temperature -20°C to 80°C
  • Outer Dimensions 30x62x19mm (WxHxD)
  • PCB Isolation Slots
  • 3 Year Guarantee
  • UKCA & CE Certified
  • For Documents, Click The 'Download' Tab Above.

Single units are supplied in individual anti-static bags. Orders in multiples of 3 may be supplied in engineer-friendly panelled format.

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Data sheet

30mm (w) x 62mm (h) x 19mm (d)
25grams ( 0.025KG)
Base Material
PCB Material: FR4-Standard Tg 140C glass fabric based epoxy resin.
Operating Temperature
-20°C to 80°C
IP Rating
Supply Voltage
Output Technology
Led Indication
SPDT Relay
Contact Configuration
SPDT Output Relay
Switching Current
5AMP @ 30VDC & 240VDC
Must Operate Voltage
Must Release Voltage
Mounting Hole Diameter
4mm ⌀ * 6
Anti-Static Bag

Specific References


FASE-12-1 - Datasheet V1-0

Fase-12-1-Relay - Datasheet & Installation V1-0

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12v SPDT Relay - R-12-SPDT - Technical Drawings

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