• Class Change with Bomb Alert & Lockdown Alarms

Class Change & Alert Controller Fase/702

The Fase/702 is our advanced class change timer which includes additional bomb alert & lockdown features. The Fase/702 is designed to be connected to a fire alarm system to give an audible indication of timed events throughout the day like school change of class, dinner & home times, or for factory shift change and can also raise separate Bomb Alert & Lock Down warnings via the control panel or by remote key switches.


The Fase/702 class change timer will accept up to 30 class change times per day, has highly configurable output settings and also includes a hold/release timer for fire doors.

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Class Change Timer And Alert Controller

Fase Controls Takes Class Change Time Clocks To A Whole New Level With Our Range Of Incredibly Advanced Class Change Timer Controllers


Designed, developed & manufactured in-house by Fase Controls, the Fase/702 class change timer controller is a highly accurate & powerful class change time clock for automatically indicating school class change events or factory shift changes.


With a clean design and slim profile, the Fase/702 has been designed to install into any modern office and connects to a conventional or addressable fire alarm system to indicate class change events via the building's fire alarm system, saving the need to install additional circuits or indicating equipment. The Fase/702 time clock also incorporates an hold/release fire door timer negating the need to buy and install additional time clocks to retain fire doors; making the Fase/702 class change timer truly good value for money.


With a simple to navigate, yet comprehensive menu structure, the Fase/702 class change timer has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible and the simple programming options offered to the engineer help reduce installation & configuration times. 


The Fase/702 Class Change Timer will allow up to 30 individual class change times per day to be programmed. The 'Copy Alarms' feature lets the installation engineer set the required class change alarms for Monday and then copy these to all schools days (Mon-Fri) or all days (Mon-Sun). All of which can then be edited as required. This not only makes programming the class change times simple, it also frees up the installation engineer for other tasks.


The output relay can then be programmed exactly as required depending on the fire alarm system the class change controller is being connected too. If this fire alarm system is the conventional type then the class change controller can be connected to the fire panels 'Class Change' input and the Fase/702 controllers output set to pulsed. The Fase/702 will then directly control the class change indication. 


If the class change controller is being connected to an addressable type fire alarm panel via loop interfaces then the Fase/702 can be set to signal to the fire panel continuously for a selected time period and then the fire panel can be programmed to ring as required, relaying the class change, bomb alert or lockdown indications. 



Bomb Alert & Lockdown


Building owners and managers need to safe guard their occupants in the event of internal or external incidents, this is especially true for schools, colleges and other educational and public facilities.


The Fase/702 controller offers easy to initiate bomb alarm (evacuation) and lockdown (invacuation) signalling to give notice of incidents either inside or outside of a building to allow staff to follow their relevant procedures.


Lock down alarms are sounded to alert students, staff and building occupants of an incident outside of the premises like a chemical spill at a nearby factory, maybe a dangerous dog in the grounds, an intruder within the building or for any other reasons which the building occupants should remain securely inside the building. This is known as invacuation.


Bomb alerts are sounded to safely and calmly evacuate people from inside a building during a bomb threat, gas leak or other internal incidents.


Fase/702 Class Change Time Clock WIth Bomb Alert & Lockdown Alerts

User Friendly

Every aspect of our Class Change Timer Controllers have been designed around the end user and installation engineer.


With an intuitive menu structure, all options can be easily navigated to and altered whether you simply need to set the time and date or set the unit to holiday mode through to programming the class change times or ringing styles during installation, the Fase/702 Class Change and Emergency Alert Controllers have been designed to be as easy as possible to operate.

Raise Bomb Alert & Lock Down Alarms

Easily initiate Bomb Alert or Lock Down alarms at the controller using the 'Emergency' button and selecting the required action.


Once an emergency alarm has been initiated all other functions seize to operate and the menu structure can not be entered. The Fase/702 controller will continue to produce the initiated alarm until a passcode has been entered and the unit reset.


The class change, bomb alert and lockdown ringing styles are truly independent from each other and can be programable as required for your application.

Fase/702 Lockdown Animation
Fase/702 Remote Emergency Key Switch

Remote Alert Initialisation

Connect the Emergency Key Switch to the Fase/702 Class Change and Alert Controller and Bomb Alert & Lock Down alarms can be raised directly at the Key Switch meaning that the Controller itself does not need to be in view.


The Emergency Key Swich is a small controller with a similar footprint to a standard UK light switch and can be installed in an easily accessible position in an office, creating a much neater installation for the end-user.

Virtually Maintenance Free

Once installed, there should be very little interaction with the Class Change Timer.


Instead of internal back-up batteries for time keeping purposes, we have used high quality super capacitors so there are no coin cell type batteries to replace. 


Furthermore, all settings are saved to memory and do not need re-programming after the unit has been powered down or following a power cut.

Maintenance Free
Fase/701 Deep Enclosure

2 Enclosure Styles

The Fase/702 Class Change Timer is available in a Slim or Deep enclosure to help aid installation. Make sure you order the correct enclosure for your needs!


To unsure a clean, modern look our class change timer is supplied with a slim enclosure as standard measuring just 35.5mm in-depth but due to internal components, side cable entry is not advised with the slim enclosure.


If you need to bring cables into any side of the enclosure then make sure you order the deep back enclosure which measures 60.5mm in depth.

Extremely Accurate Time Keeping

All of our Class Change Time Clocks include a dedicated time keeping chip with an accuracy of up to  ±2ppm from 0°C to +40°C.


Our Class Change Time Clocks counts Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Day, Date, Month, and Year with Leap Year Compensation Valid Up to 2100 and also includes automatic day light saving for British summertime months.

Fase/701 Deep Enclosure

Highly Configurable Ringing Patterns

The Fase/702 Class Class Timer Controller ringing patterns have been written to be as configurable as possible. The on-board output relay can be configured to pulse or ring continuously for a selectable time duration of between 1 and 59 seconds for every class change event. 


The output relay can also be switched manually using the 'Class Change' button located on the front of the controller itself. 

Built-in Fire Door Controller

The Fase/702 Class Change Timer also incorporates a fire door timer to hold and release fire doors at set times during the day.


Using this built-in timer negates the need to by additional, stand-alone timer relays dedicated to retaining fire doors thus making the Fase/702 class change timer truly good value for money.

Maintenance Free

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The Fase/702 Class Change Timer connects to a fire alarm system. You should speak with your fire alarm company to ensure that the Fase/702 Class Change Time Clock is compatible with your fire alarm panel. Under no circumstance should the class change timer be set in a way that could be confused with the fire alarms evacuation tone.


Data sheet

Class Change Alarms Per Day
Upto 30 Alarms Per Day
Max Output Current
<120ma With All Outputs Energised & LCD Back Light @ 100%
Bomb Alert
Class Change Time Clock
Lock Down
Enclosure Size
Deep Enclosure: 170 x 85.5 x 60.5mm (L x H x D)
Slim Enclosure: 170 x 85.5 x 35.5mm (L x H x D)
LCD Technology
1.54" TFT IPS LCD Display With 240x240px resolution
Enclosure Colour
Legend Colour
White Background with Dark Grey Print
Base Material
Material Type
UL Rating
Operating Temperature
0°C to +40°C
IP Rating
Supply Voltage
Quiescent Current
< 35ma
Accuracy Upto ±5ppm from 0°C to +40°C
Output Technology
24v Mechanical Relay For Connection To F.A.P
Full Colour TFT Display
Internal Buzzer
Led Indication
Solid State relay For Connection To Fire Doors
Memory Technology
EEprom Memory & Super Capacitor (No Coin Cell Required)
Fire Alarm Connection Details
Dependant On The System which Is Being Connected To
Display Type
Contrast Ratio(Typical)
Viewing Angle Range
Left:80.0 , Right:80.0 , Up:80.0 , Down:80.0 degree
Storage Temperature

Specific References